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What is Basset Hound University (BHU)?
Basset Hound University (BHU) is a practical education concept developed by the Basset Hound Club of America. The goal of BHU is to provide home study programs in Basset Hound breed education. The University is designed as an on-going school of learning in which courses on owning, breeding, competing and judging Basset Hounds are available year round. BHU is dedicated to preserving the past and educating future breeders, owners, exhibitors and judges of the Basset Hound.
The concept of Basset Hound University is similar to correspondence degree programs, where Basset Hound breeders, owners, exhibitors and judges can take courses and complete them at their own pace at home. BHU is designed to be used as a model for parent clubs of all breeds of dog.
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How did Basset Hound University come into being?
The Basset Hound University concept is the result of some very successful education workshops which the Basset Hound Club of America gives during their National specialties. Components of these workshops include classroom presentations and discussion, hands-on practice with live exhibits, use of angle measuring tools, and most importantly, evaluation of the attendee’s dogs, which provide that essential component of “how does what I’m learning apply to my own Basset Hounds?” Since starting the workshops in 1999, attendance has steadily increased from 40 to 60 to over 100 attendees, which is a very enthusiastic turnout for a National specialty which averages about 300 dogs. When members expressed interest in an on-going, year round education program, it led to the development of the Basset Hound University concept.

How is BHU set up and which courses have been completed?
BHU is divided into a system of “schools,” each of which is run by the 3 education committees within the Basset Hound Club of America: Member Education, Public Education and Judges’ Education.
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How are the courses in Basset Hound University designed?
Basset Hound University courses use a workbook, and sometimes, a workshop approach. Workbook exercises incorporate easy to answer formats such as true and false, multiple choice, fill in the blanks and matching questions. Breeders, owners and judges send their completed written exercises for each course to BHCA “faculty members” to be reviewed.

What are the University Certificate of Completion?
 With a goal of providing education in all areas of Basset Hound interest,
Certificates of Completion are offered for courses on breeding, conformation, owning a Basset Hound, judging, and performance, which includes tracking, field trialing, hunting, obedience, rally, agility and versatility. Certificates of Completion are awarded to anyone successfully completing the workbook exercises for each course. Below is an example of a Certificate of Completion for Course #101 Basset Hound Owner’s Guide Workbook Program.