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The Breed University Template (BUT) program is an important feature of the Basset Hound University concept. The goal of the BUT program is to provide course models which can be copied and/or modified to meet the education needs of any breed club. This approach saves time regarding the development of course materials and workbook exercises. In this regard, the educational courses and materials which have been designed for Basset Hound University can be modified to fit any breed of dog. If you are interested in the Breed University Template Program, it is important that you also read the Frequently Asked Questions about Basset Hound University. By understanding how Basset Hound University is set up and by looking at each of the courses that has been created for Basset Hound University, you will also see what type of education program and what type of courses you can create for your own breed. Any breed can build a university and the possibility exists for PBGV University, Berner University or Briard University, just to mention a few.

Can you give an example of how a TEMPLATE works?
All templates in the BREED UNIVERSITY TEMPLATE program use courses that have been developed for Basset Hound University. In the interest of sharing, BHCA is making all of their breed specific educational courses available to other breed clubs to copy of modify. This can save a club literally hundreds of hours of work. A TEMPLATE is a CD copy of each of the courses. All of the BUT CDs are currently in a Powerpoint format and are easily modified. For example, if a club is interested in developing an Owner’s Guide for their particular breed, it is possible to use the Basset Hound Owner’s Guide as a model. The Powerpoint program for the Basset Hound Owner’s Guide can be copied and pasted and then changed to fit any other breed of dog by adding different copy, clip art and photos, although much of the general dog information may be used as it is currently written. A particular club may decide to only use part of a particular template. The goal is to inspire or help in any way that works for that particular club. Also available are many marketing tools to help you introduce the Breed University concept to your dog club.

Our club is not interested in developing “home study programs.” Can the Breed University Templates just be used to create informative literature pieces?
Yes. This is easily done by simply eliminating the workbook exercise portions. The BUT program makes it possible for any breed club, regardless of its size or educational expertise, to produce high quality educational materials for all areas of breed interest and for purposes which best serve a particular dog club. The goal is to share materials with the hope of furthering education for all breeds of dogs.

Is it possible to develop a “paperless” Breed University?
The answer is “yes.” In fact, the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America has had a paperless Berner University for a couple of years. CD formats and website programs are all possibilities.

How can we order the BREED UNIVERSITY TEMPLATE (BUT) Program?
An order form is available on this website. BU TEMPLATES can be ordered in 2 ways: (1) a club can order the template CD for just one particular course or (2) a club can order the BU TEMPLATE TOOLKIT, which is a package containing the books and template CDs for all the courses as well as the ABC’s of Dog Breeding and the Practical Canine Anatomy Home Study Programs. We recommend the BU TEMPLATE TOOLKIT because it is more economical in the long run and also includes marketing materials such as artwork, a “University” booth design, a price list and order form layout, and awareness bracelets, all of which are meant to give you ideas with regard to developing your own particular course or your own University. In short, the BU TEMPLATE TOOLKIT Program will help you introduce the Breed University concept to your club.

The idea of developing a complete University program seems overwhelming. I don’t think my club will approve the idea! Any thoughts?
One of the best ways to begin working on an education program or a Breed University is to start small. Set a beginning goal of developing just one course with accompanying workbook exercises. One of the best courses to start with is an Owner’s Guide and home study program for your breed. This literature piece is something that will be of interest and use to a broad range of members in any club. Another good course is one that focuses on your breed standard and terminology. Basset Hound University course #101 (Basset Hound Owner’s Guide) and course #103 (The Basset Hound Breed Standard and Terminology) can serve as good models in the creation of these courses for other breeds.

What if we only need to print a few copies of each course – isn’t it expensive?
We have Kinko’s do all of our printing, from courses to banners. They are very affordable and can print small quantities.

Are there any obligations with regard to using the Basset Hound University templates that make up the BREED UNIVERSITY TEMPLATE (BUT) Program?
If you use the BHU materials that are part of the BU TEMPLATE Program, we ask only that you acknowledge BHCA Basset Hound University in that particular publication or literature piece. It goes without saying that we would love to hear your comments or suggestions or receive samples of your own University materials!

What are the benefits of a Breed University program?

1. On-going education.  Going beyond the once a year seminar, a breed university allows breeders, judges and owners to participate in year round education programs.

2. Mentor Support.  A Breed University provides educational tools and courses that can assist mentors in educating newcomers to a breed and help start them off on the right foot.

3. Judges Education.  New breed judges have an on-going localized source of club approved breed education.

4. Convenience.  Busier than ever breeders, judges and owners can study at home and complete courses at their own pace.

5. Widespread geography.  The university correspondence school format addresses the challenges of breeders, judges and owners living in all parts of the country.

6. Flexibility.  Individuals choose courses of interest to them, from breeding to judging to performance to conformation to owning a particular breed of dog.                                                                 
7. Standardized learning. Courses are standardized, with everyone learning the same information from club approved books and materials.  The university concept organizes information provided by a club’s education committees.

8. Student recognition.  The university program provides a goal-oriented format, in which students can have the prestige of earning a Certificate of Completion in their breed area of interest.

9. Affordability. University courses can be comparable in cost to seminars or institutes, and in some cases, may cost even less.

10. The Voices of Experience Legacy. University programs can help harness and pass on the knowledge and experience of a parent club’s most successful breeders and dog people, preserving their legacy for future generations.